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Take charge of your career

Knowing your career personality helps you pursue a degree and career that will fulfill you.

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Increase your chance of success.

Discover which careers fit your personality strengths at work.

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Make your work purposeful

Discover which careers fit your personality strengths at work.
Discover which jobs fit you best

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What we do

Academic guidance is a monthly newspaper distributed to all secondary schools in Uganda. It was established to improve the quality and accessibility of career guidance and general learning information predominantly to schools, teachers, parents, Institutions, Individuals and corporations across the East African Region.

Early Career Planning

Understanding the careers that fit your work personality can prevent years of wasted education, unnecessary education debt, and time lost in jobs that don’t make you happy. Read More

Mid Career Change

You are mid-career and sense that your career has stalled and are no longer getting the job satisfaction you once had. Read More

Skills & Career Pathways

A skill is a learned or natural ability to accomplish a particular task. Explore the knowledge and skills needed for a specific career and industry. Read More

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