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Take charge of your career

Knowing your career personality helps you pursue a degree and career that will fulfill you.

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Increase your chance of success.

Discover which careers fit your personality strengths at work.

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Make your work purposeful

Discover which careers fit your personality strengths at work.
Discover which jobs fit you best

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What we do

Academic guidance is a monthly newspaper distributed to all secondary schools in Uganda. It was established to improve the quality and accessibility of career guidance and general learning information predominantly to schools, teachers, parents, Institutions, Individuals and corporations across the East African Region.

Early Career Planning

Starting a new career and planning out your future can be a fun, exciting time of life. Whether you are entering the adult world for the first time or are starting down a new path after many years in a different field, getting started may seem like a daunting task, but with a few smart steps, you can put yourself in a position of advantage. Read on as we explain how to build your resume and decide on a career path.

Mid Career Change

If you’ve reached the midcareer level, you’ve worked for around 10 years, if not longer. It’s not unreasonable that you may feel a desire for change. … Often, midcareer professional workers are promoted into management positions that are less personally satisfying than when they worked directly on projects.

Skills & Career Pathways

While graduation signifies the end of an era many students can be left wondering, ‘what’s next?’ There are a number of routes you can take after university – and everyone’s journey will be different. You could search for a graduate job, enrol on a postgraduate course or set up your own business. If you’d like to gain more experience before making a decision you could volunteer, intern or travel the world on a gap year.

Home School Materials

Career Guidance takes on the initiative from Ministry of Education to provide self-study materials for students in Primary, secondary and Advanced levels in Uganda. Use this list as a springboard to find the suitable material(s) for your child.

Primary Level - Home School Materials

Primary level is typically the first stage of formal education, coming after preschool. Materials available; P.1, P.2, P.3, P.4, P.5, P.6 & P.7

Ordinary Level - Home School Materials

Secondary level – covers the lower senior education classes that is S.1, S.2, S.3 & S.4

Advanced Level - Home School Materials

Advanced level – covers the higher senior education before university with classes S.5 & S.6

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